Stinger 5X 7 Day Lime

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If you want a way to remove unwanted toxins from your body in just a week, the Stinger Seven-Day Total Detox Drink is the right product for you.

This Stinger detox drink is specially formulated for people wanting to permanently flush traces of nicotine, alcohol, weed, coke, meth and other substances from their bodies. While a same-day solution gets you through one test, being clean enables you to face the future safe in the knowledge you´ll never fail a drug test again. What´s more, if you struggle to swallow pills and capsules, this liquid supplement is ideal for you.

This week-long detox works with your body´s natural processes to quickly and permanently flush drug residues from your body. Its special blend of minerals enhances the body´s inherent cleansing mechanisms to purify your system by flushing out those unwanted toxins.

This product is also suitable for people over 230 pounds and those with a long history of heavy drug use, but you´ll need to double the dosage to get the same effect. This means you´ll need to order two bottles for a week-long detox.

Directions for use:

  1. Prepare for your detox by avoiding drugs and other unwanted toxins for at least the 48 hours prior to using this supplement.
  2. Take one tablespoon before meals in the morning and evening. If you prefer, you can choose to mix this with water or fruit juice.

Note that you should always accurately measure the dosage with a standard tablespoon. You should find you have a few tablespoons left after the final dose, and you can finish this off along with the final dose. This product is intended as a permanent detox, but you will only stay clean for as long as you avoid drugs and other toxins. Resuming drug use will lead to metabolites accumulating in your body again.

*This product will not be effective if you take any prescription or over-the-counter medicines, such as cold medicines, Motrin or Tylenol. Any medicines should be avoided for at least the 48 hours before starting this seven-day detox.

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